Our Saviour Center’s Food Pantry

Our Saviour Center’s programs have grown and evolved in response to observed needs in the Community. Our first program was a food pantry. Its immediate success resulted in lengthy lines and long waits, which inspired our second program: coloring books and other activities for children waiting in line with their parents. Today, the Food Pantry continues to feed families experiencing food scarcity. Last year, our Food Pantry distributed 227 tons of food to more than 4,500 households, representing over 12,000 duplicated individuals.

****New diaper program available to Food Pantry clients only****

For more information, contact DianeW@Our-Center.org



Ways to give to

Our Saviour Center Effortlessly

Amazon Smile:

1.     Go to Amazon Smile

2.     Create an account or sign in to change your charity.

3.     Follow the prompts.

4. For OSC to receive credit, you must always order from Amazon



1.     Go to Ralphs Rewards

2.    Create an account or sign in to your digital account.

3.  Enter our NPO number - LR011. 

4. Select “Rector Wardens” from the list and click “Save”.

5. For OSC to get credit, you must enter your personal phone number

or swipe your Ralphs Card .


Office Depot - Provide the cashier with the Our Saviour Center telephone number:


For more information, please contact ErickaS@Our-Center.org