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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Arrrr, matey! Join us for a whale of a time this Christmas, as we prepare to celebrate Our

Saviour Center’s 20th annual Children’s Christmas Party! Each week is a celebration, beginning with the Annual Kickoff at Church of Our Saviour, on October 23rd. Enjoy Santa’s arrival from his workshop this year! Don’t forget to join us for Wrap Parties I and II, where we’ll be drowning in oceans of toys. Join us for hanging the greens and enjoying home-made seafood chowder at our Decorate the Center party - yum! And finally, don your fins and flippers, and be washed away by waves of happy kids at our Children’s Christmas

Party on Saturday, December 10th. Dust off your snorkel and polish those flippers, because Santa has chartered a boat! Please see the dates and details column for a swimmingly good time.

Fall 2005 Newsletter
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