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Fall Greetings From All of Us at Our Saviour Center! Our two campuses recently had the great pleasure of hosting a visit from Bishop John H. Taylor, Rev. Jeff Thornberg, Advisory Board Chair Brenda Maceo and Board Member Jeff Seymour for a tour of our Main and Kids Campuses. We were able to share all of the wonderful ways Our Saviour Center's dedicated staff and volunteers provide for our community each and every day, and it reminds us of how grateful we are: grateful for one another, grateful for our individual blessings and grateful for the ability to provide this array of safety net services to children, adults and seniors throughout our community. As we gear up for the last quarter of 2021, we recognize each and every member of our community and how each person, regardless of age or socioeconomic level, plays an integral role in ensuring needs are being met: a meal put together from the staples gathered from our Food Pantry; the snack shared among elementary school children after school at our Kids Campus; a safe place off of the streets to stay for a family through our emergency temporary housing motel voucher program. Sustenance comes in many forms and we are truly humbled that we can continue to rely on our supporters, advocates, volunteers, Board Members and donors, like you, to keep us giving to others each and every day. Connect to us on our social media channels, like Facebook or Instagram, to stay abreast of all of the wonderful work we continue to do, like in the contents of this month's newsletter, which I hope you enjoy. Sustenance is a universal need, providing different forms of nourishment to all. Make a donation that feeds your soul and the souls of others, be it a donation of your time as a volunteer, a donation of treasure in the form of a mailed check, or a donation of food for an food-insecure family for the upcoming holiday season. I guarantee you will feel good knowing that providing continued sustenance is best when given with a gracious heart.

Please click the link below to view the full newsletter.

September 2021 Newsletter
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